Countertop Replacement Process Step 1: In Home Meeting

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We schedule a convenient time to come by your home to discuss and suggest design options and evaluate your particular project. We’ll ask the right questions to make sure you get an accurate quote with no surprises. We bring samples and offer ideas for making an ordinary kitchen extraordinary!

Countertop Replacement Process Step 2: Price Quote

Step 2: Price Quote

You receive a formal price quote and proposal based on your specific project. Your quote will be inclusive of the complete scope of the work to be performed. This includes measuring, removal of old countertops, installing new ones, plumbing hook ups and disposing of old countertops and debris.

Countertop Replacement Process Step 3: Measure

Step 3: Template/Measure

A field technician will stop by and take detailed digital measurements of your project. These measurements will be used by computerized saws and routers that cut your countertops to very exact tolerances. This measure process captures any special nuances of your project, and produces a countertop that fits.

Countertop Replacement In Home Meeting

Step 4: One Day Installation

2-3 weeks after the final measure/template, your countertops will arrive at your house, brought by a team of professional, trained installers. After dust and floor protection runners are carefully placed to protect your home, they remove your old countertops, and complete the entire scope of work including all the hook-ups.

“It feels like a whole new kitchen!”

One Day Countertop Replacement FAQ’s

How long does the whole process take?

Approximately 2 -3 weeks after final selections, we schedule the installation on a day when it best suits your schedule.

Do I need to be at home on the day of the install?

We prefer that you are present when we arrive in the morning, however after the installers begin the work, you can choose to stay around or go about your business.

Is it a messy process? How much clean-up will I have?

We like to tell our installers to “leave the job cleaner than you found it” However in spite of our best efforts….some additional cleaning may be required.

Does it really take only one day?

Most projects can be completed in just one day, however a larger more complex kitchen project could require a second day.

How do I pick out my design colors?

We bring countertop samples to your home, or will accompany you to a gallery. Whatever it takes, we like to help you make the right choice.

What about sinks and faucets?

We can provide a sink, or install your sink, faucet and garbage disposal.

Do I need to hire someone to remove my tops, and carpenters and plumbers and a dumpster?

No! Our people do the entire swap out service from start to finish meaning no additional contractors are needed. Unless you want to keep your old tops, we take the tops and rubbish away with us!

What about the backsplash?

If you are using a standard 4″ backsplash piece along the back wall, it will be installed along with your tops. If you want a tile backsplash, we can refer you to an associate tile-setter, but that will happen another day.

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